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For those seeking a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker for their events, look no further than Starlene Alves, the Owner and Principal Attorney of Alves Law Group, PC.

With a wealth of expertise in real estate, estate planning, and business law, Starlene has been a sought-after presenter for a variety of audiences. Her engaging speaking style and in-depth knowledge have made her a favorite among non-profit organizations, professional associations, legal groups, bar associations, real estate brokerage firms, and community partners.

Starlene covers a range of compelling topics, such as:

  • Residential Real Estate Trends: Legal Considerations for Buyers and Sellers
  • Title Insurance: Understanding its Role in Real Estate Transactions
  • Real Estate and Estate Planning: Ensuring a Smooth Transition of Assets
  • Estate Planning for Real Estate Developers: Ensuring Seamless Business Succession
  • The Role of Trusts in Comprehensive Estate Planning
  • Estate Planning Across Generations: Balancing Inheritance and Financial Education
  • Strategic Estate Planning for Entrepreneurs: Preserving Business Continuity and Legacy
  • Advanced Estate Planning Techniques for High-Income Professionals
  • Navigating Trademark Registration from Application to Approval
  • From Idea to Entity: Legal Considerations for


Whether it’s a panel discussion, roundtable, or virtual or in-person workshop or seminar, Starlene Alves brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure an informative and engaging event for all participants.

If your entity (public or private) is interested in having Starlene speak at an event or to your team internally, please use her calendar to book a NetworkNurture Connection Call or email admin@alveslawgroup.com.

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