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Whether you are a newlywed purchasing your first home, a seasoned buyer who needs a larger home for an expanding family, selling your parents’ home after you inherited it, or want to lease a residence, a local real estate attorney is the perfect partner. Our firm could share the ins and outs of home and condominium ownership, as well as help you secure a mortgage and talk about what kinds of homes you qualify for.

We understand the combination of angst and excitement that surrounds owning or selling a house. A home is the largest investment most people make, and the equity in it is a path to increasing your wealth. A New Bedford residential real estate lawyer has your back, ready to ensure your experience is a positive one. We are service-driven and will listen to your concerns to pinpoint areas of the buying or selling process that need our laser-focused attention.

Guidance for Residential Real Estate Transactions

Residential real estate transactions can be as simple as signing a lease and as complicated as converting apartments to condominiums while working with architects, engineers, and zoning officials. Our attorneys never back down from a complex challenge, and clients find us relatable to their real estate needs. Areas where we could apply our knowledge include:

  • Condominium purchase or sale
  • Spearheading mortgage lending requirements
  • Representing buyers and sellers in residential real estate transactions
  • Exploring the advantages of holding residential property in a trust, such as a nominee real estate trust
  • Anticipating tax implications and planning for the best tax advantages through various tools including 1031 exchanges

Our firm strives to be empathetic and compassionate to every client and their goals. Our lead New Bedford residential real estate attorney inherited her strong work ethic from immigrant parents, beginning her personal journey at 17 as a law firm file clerk and working her way up to associate attorney before owning her own firm. The American dream is ingrained in our team, and now we want to help others realize theirs.

Buying and Selling Residential Real Estate

Our firm routinely represents residential real estate buyers and sellers. We are prepared to review an initial offer, draft or review the purchase and sale agreement, and negotiate any terms that we believe could be more advantageous to our clients. Our attorneys also prepare deeds for residential sellers and act as liaisons with mortgage lenders and buyers’ attorneys. At the closing, we ensure any final adjustments are handled expediently.

When our attorneys represent buyers, we collaborate with the mortgage lender and seller’s attorney to adjust terms where necessary, according to our clients’ interests. We will explain the avalanche of documents to our clients before they sign them, so they are comfortable with the process. We may represent mortgage lenders and homebuyers for a client’s transaction and will undertake the title examination to ensure there are no clouds on it. We will also prepare closing documents.

Representing Private Lenders

To facilitate residential real estate transactions, our attorneys in New Bedford also represent banks, institutions, and private mortgage lenders. We obtain and review titles and examine them for problems, gather information about the property taxes and municipal charges for services such as water and sewer from the county tax collector, and go over documents with all parties.

Say Hello to Homeownership With a New Bedford Residential Real Estate Attorney

Although there are many services that we provide you with when you are contemplating a residential real estate purchase, the primary one is to help you find and acquire your dream house or sell your home to make another buyer’s dream come true.

Buying a home is one of the largest purchases most people make. Our attorneys are here to help ensure your experience is a smooth one. A New Bedford residential real estate lawyer is ready to guide you. Contact us now to begin.

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