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Your commercial real estate transaction might be as straightforward as drafting a lease for your first business venture or a more complicated need for design, development, and financing for a large-scale project. Our firm values each of our clients, no matter the size of their projects. Managed growth is good for the local community, as opportunities are created for residents to grow their businesses, check out fresh retail shopping and housing choices, and send their children to new, uncrowded schools.

No matter what stage your project is in, an experienced real estate attorney could guide you to completion by negotiating land deals, working with architects, engineers, and contractors, reviewing and drafting agreements and letters of intent, and more. Regardless of what path you take with us, customer satisfaction is the top priority for a New Bedford commercial real estate lawyer. Call us today to get started.

Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Agreements

Our lawyers are skilled negotiators who understand that every commercial real estate (CRE) deal is unique because it is influenced by the goals of both the buyer and the seller. When we negotiate for clients, we consider several aspects, including:

  • How soon the buyer and seller wish to close
  • The parties’ knowledge when it comes to business deals
  • Paying attention to market lending trends if financing is sought
  • How many commercial parcels are being acquired and whether the price is agreeable
  • What the property will be used for, which could require industry-specific inclusions
  • Zoning laws, building codes, land use designations, environmental issues, and attention to the city’s Waterfront historic district and the 15 districts within the city listed on the National Register of Historic Places

As a business owner herself, our principal New Bedford commercial real estate attorney relates to clients on a personal level. Our firm is dedicated to meeting all legal needs and attending to the smallest details so commercial transactions are seamless and successful.

Letter of Intent

Generally, once a client identifies a commercial piece of property, the attorney could draft a Letter of Intent (LOI) or term sheet that allows the buyer and seller to continue negotiations without being bound to complete a transaction if favorable terms are not met. The parties are usually only bound to keep the negotiations confidential and to not solicit other purchasers for a specific time.

LOIs and term sheets may be quite detailed, or they may be just basics that need fleshing out. Most of them address how due diligence will be handled, which is another aspect a New Bedford commercial real estate attorney could provide for clients. In addition, the LOI or term sheet serves as the foundation for the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

Purchase and Sale Agreement

The definitive document, the Purchase and Sale Agreement, spells out all of the terms pertinent to the commercial real estate transaction. The lead attorney must be meticulous as they include all negotiated matters; vagueness will undoubtedly cause problems down the road.

Our principal attorney’s work ethic was instilled by immigrant parents who encouraged her to work hard and do things right. We leave no stone unturned as we work to protect our clients’ rights and represent their best interests. Clients can expect to see an agreement that could include due diligence extension rights, extensive representations and warranties, appropriate covenants, active contracts and leases, environmental decrees, and active litigation, as well as purchase price and manner of payment, among other important factors.

Once parties agree and the deal is signed, a New Bedford commercial real estate attorney works with other interested parties, such as architects, city and county planning and zoning personnel, and lenders, to keep a project moving smoothly.

Prepare for Prosperity With a New Bedford Commercial Real Estate Attorney

We dedicate as much time as necessary to our clients’ commercial real estate projects, whether they are complex with several moving parts or a simple lease for a new business owner. Our team understands that while you may be feeling excitement over your new project, you may also be fretting over legal matters you may not fully grasp. That is why we are here to guide you. We work with buyers and sellers as well as developers, tax specialists, historic boards, lenders, and other parties’ attorneys to facilitate positive growth.

When you have an opportunity to acquire a parcel or parcels, our firm is available to help you prosper. Reach out now to connect with a New Bedford commercial real estate lawyer and discuss your plans.

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