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Those starting a company who need assistance with legal documentation should contact a New Bedford corporation formation lawyer today for a strategy meeting. A lawyer could help by structuring your corporation in a way that provides liability protection, as well as tax benefits, for you and your business. Our business formation attorney could also provide counsel on issues of corporate law arising from your application or business. Call today to discuss how we can be of assistance to you and your business.

State Law Relating to Corporation Formation

There are a number of laws governing the formation of corporations. One of them is the Massachusetts Business Corporation Act (MBCA). This act governs the creation and operation of businesses and outlines the requirements for forming a corporation. A lawyer could assist in complying with the requirements of this law.

Another relevant law is the Massachusetts Limited Liability Company Act (MLLCA). This law covers the formation and operation of limited liability companies (LLCs) and sets out the requirements for forming an LLC. A knowledgeable New Bedford attorney could discuss how these laws might affect the formation of a corporation.

Avoiding Corporation Formation Mistakes

With all the online legal offerings today, it might be tempting to try and file the paperwork without seeing a lawyer. However, a corporation formation attorney in New Bedford could provide real value by ensuring the most important details are covered and correct and by helping structure the business in the most advantageous way.

For example, a lawyer could help structure a corporation in a way that limits liability for the owner and business. Likewise, they could ensure the business is structured so that all available tax benefits are utilized. Making a mistake could be very costly to a business—and a lawyer could help avoid these mistakes.

The Cost of Registering a Corporation

Corporations are registered with the secretary of state. The cost of registering a corporation is $275 for up to 275,000 shares, plus $100 for each additional 100,000 shares.

A skilled New Bedford lawyer could explain the rest of the process, as well as the legal requirements and obligations of forming and operating a corporation. Owning and running a business is an exciting and challenging experience with lots of associated responsibilities. A lawyer could prove vital to managing the legal issues associated with business ownership.

Contact a New Bedford Corporation Formation Attorney Today

Starting a business is exciting—and stressful. There is a lot to do and a lot of things to consider. Doing it completely on your own can add to your stress and make it more likely that you make costly mistakes that hurt your or your business’s bottom line. A New Bedford corporation formation lawyer could help you avoid these types of mistakes.

Contact our firm today for a strategy meeting. Get your business running the right way so that you can focus on your customers and growth and not the legal requirements.

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